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  • Company Conversion Deadline Looming
    Originally Published August 26, 2016

  • Employment Schemes & Employment Tax Schemes
    Originally Published July 5, 2013

  • Changes to RCT in 2012
    Originally Published November 18, 2011

  • Retail Grocery Pay Rates
    Originally Published October 13, 2011
    Retail grocery pay rates are determined by the Labour Court by Employment Regulation Orders, confirmed proposals submitted by the Joint Labour Committee (JLC).

  • New rules for Voluntary Strike-Off
    Originally Published April 10, 2011

  • Recalculate your bank fees
    Originally Published July 20, 2010
    Do you regularly review their bank fees & charges for accuracy, e.g. lodgement fee charge consists of number of lodgements multiplied by the unit fee?

  • National Employment Rights Authority
    Originally Published May 22, 2010
    The National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) was established in February 2007 with the aim of securing compliance with employment legislation and fostering a culture of compliance.

  • Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement
    Originally Published May 22, 2010
    The Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement (ODCE) is the watchdog for ensuring companies comply with company law.

  • Health & Safety
    Originally Published May 22, 2010
    The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 governs the duties of employers (trades persons, directors, senior managers etc.) and their employees regarding safety and health.

  • Revenue Audit Focus
    Originally Published May 22, 2010
    The Revenue Commissioners released their annual report on Thursday 23 April 2009. Chairwoman Josephine Feehily said that they will be targeting cash businesses as a high risk of non-compliance occurs in these industries, e.g. security, pubs, barristers, retail units.

  • Redundancy
    Originally Published May 22, 2010
    You've trimmed all of your costs (printing, advertising, entertaining etc.) and yet your bank overdraft is ever increasing. With no imminent prospect of an increase in trade levels, you are forced into reducing your payroll costs.

  • Interest on overdue debtors
    Originally Published May 22, 2010
    Under the Late Payments in Commercial Transactions (EU, 2002) you are entitled to charge interest on overdue business accounts.

  • Delays in Redundancy Rebates Against Tax Liabilities
    Originally Published January 6, 2010
    Revenue have clarified that where a business is awaiting a statutory rebate and it is experiencing particular difficulties in meeting its tax obligations because of a delay in receiving the repayment then, subject to satisfactory evidence being provided of the repayment due and its quantum, Revenue will be accommodating in deferring for a reasonable period collection or enforcement action that would otherwise ensue in the event of delayed payment of tax.