Royal Canal Financial Control Services

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Our Team

We are pleased to introduce the support team behind Royal Canal Financial Control Services.

Dawn O'Neill - Bookkeeping Assistant

Dawn joined the team in March 2019.

Deirdre Duffy - Bookkeeping Manager

Deirdre has worked with the company since 2010 as a member of the bookkeeping team, with her particular specialism being within the retail sector.

Elizabeth McNevin - Bookkeeping Assistant

Elizabeth joined the team in February 2023.

Emilia Szreder - Bookkeeping Assistant

Emilia joined the team in October 2019.

Genna Moore - Bookkeeping Assistant

Genna joined the team in February 2020.

Marta Bednarz - Bookkeeping Assistant

Marta joined the team in January 2022.

Michaela O'Connor - Bookkeeping Assistant

Michaela joined the team in October 2022.

Mona-Lisa Manzira - Business Advisory

Mona-Lisa joined the bookkeeping team in December 2015, providing bookkeeping and related services to our retail and hospitality clients. Mona-Lisa has extensive experience in bookkeeping and office management. In August 2020 Mona-Lisa was promoted to the position of Business Advisory.

Patrick Maguire - Accounts Assistant/Payroll Manager

Patrick joined our retail services team in June 2018, following the completion of a Business Management degree. In February 2019 Patrick secured the position of Accounts Assistant, preparing the quarter end financial reports for our retail clients. Patrick's main role presently is running our payroll department.

Ray Martin

Ray joined the team in February 2019.

Robert McEvoy - Management Accounts

Robert joined the bookkeeping team in April 2014 as part of our retail expansion, providing financial control and related services to both retail and non-retail clients. In January 2015, Robert joined the accounts team looking after the management accounts and retail analysis reports of our retail clients, as well as various accounts preparation projects for non-retail clients.

Robyn McCormack - Bookkeeping Assistant

Robyn joined the team in September 2019.

Sabrina Quinn - Bookkeeping Assistant

Sabrina joined the team in July 2020.

Tanya Geraghty - Bookkeping Assistant

Tanya joined the team in August 2019.

Terence O'Hagan - Bookkeeping Assistant

Terence joined the team in February 2023.

Tetyana Kovalchuk - Bookkeeping Assistant

Tetyana joined the team in October 2022.