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National Employment Rights Authority

The National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) was established in February 2007 with the aim of securing compliance with employment legislation and fostering a culture of compliance.

As the recession hits, it may be tempting to make up your own employment rights. However, that is where NERA comes in and you may find yourself in the middle of a routine inspection visit. NERA have rights similar to the Revenue to:

  • • enter any premises at a reasonable time
  • • demand sight of any records, specifically relating to employment (see below)
  • • take copies of any records they wish
  • • talk to and interview any relevant person, which may include your employee or accountant for example

The main areas that NERA will inspect are as follows:

1. Procedures for minimum pay are being followed

2. Proper rosters are drawn up and maintained for inspection, giving each employee their minimum rest periods and days off, maximum hours worked per week.

3. Holiday pay, bank holiday pay, Sunday pay entitlements.

4. Employees given basic terms and conditions of employment on commencement.

Further information can be obtained from NERAs website,, which is also a very useful site for obtaining information about employment law in general.

If you would like assistance from Royal Canal Financial Control Services in conducting an employment rights compliance review, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted issue you with a quote.