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Payroll Arrangements & Office Opening/Closing Times

Payroll to be emailed to to ensure it is processed no later than time stated on the due dates in the table below.

Information Videos (not just for xmas!)
Our payroll manager, Patrick has put together some short informational videos to assist understand the following:
– Min Wage 2024 ; Christmas Pubilc Holidays and opening hours ; Enhanced Reporting of Expenses in 2024

Other videos done during the year that are availabe are WRC inpections and Sick Pay from last year but is still relevant.

Please visit this link to check them out you, the passwrd to access is payroll and the link is The videos are about 2 to 3 mins long so wont take long.

If you would like us to prepare anymore videos please let us know!

Some Important Reminders
Minimum wage increases to €12.70 from 1st January, contracts do not need to be amended. Please see video and also ensure to speak with Patrick on any staff pay rates that need to change from 1st January 2024.

Public holidays are on these dates and in retail they do not move;

Xmas Day, Monday, 25th December 2023
St. Stephens Day, Tuesday, 26th December 2023
New Years Day, Monday 1st January 2024

These days attract the Public Holiday entitlement, a link for full details on the entitlements here

Again note they do not move to the “Bank Holiday” date. Please ensure you apply this in your payroll and time planning to save confusion when we are preparing your payroll.

Sick Leave – Inrease in days in 2024
Certifited sick pay from 1st January 2024 goes from 3 days to 5 days, the video on the above link is still valid for 2024 in how it operates etc.

Annual HR ‘tune-up’
We would like to remind you of the following responsibilities as the employer and ask you to ensure you have the following in place.

* Employment contracts,
* Clocking’s and records of when breaks are taken
* Work permits and copy of GNIB cards kept for full course of employment not just the latest
* Sunday rates of pay being time plus a premium, but what is stated in contract prevails unless agreed between employee and employer

Also we have a HR Firm that we use for our own HR and some of our clients have reached out for their support. To set up an introduction please contact Joe, Ronan or Patrick here and we will arrange same for you.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and the very best for 2024!

For full banking days over Christmas 2023 here is a link to Bank of Ireland’s page here Christmas Payments – Bank of Ireland Business Banking