Royal Canal Financial Control Services

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WhatsApp Communication

7th April 2024

Joe & Ronan from Royal Canal FCS are delighted to introduce our new WhatsApp Business number, 044 938 2018 or you scan the QR code below in this post.

Going forward, we kindly request that you utilise this number for any WhatsApp communications with our team that you don’t want to use email for. This updated system allows you to conveniently select the specific department you wish to engage with. Messages will promptly trigger email notifications to the relevant team members, who can then respond to you directly via WhatsApp. Rest assured, all staff members have seamless access to this streamlined communication platform and will use it to communicate with you too.

It’s important to note that this channel is designated solely for messaging purposes and is not intended for phone calls. However, please feel free to continue reaching out to Joe or Ronan directly on their personal WhatsApp accounts for individual queries, such as Ronan’s oversight of your payroll.

To better understand the functionality and benefits of our new system, we invite you to view our concise demo video, which highlights the process of selecting departmental options:

Demo Video Link

We encourage you to send messages at your convenience even outside of our operating hours, knowing they will be promptly addressed by our team when we are open if you send outside of hours.

Please ensure to save this number for seamless future correspondence, and we eagerly welcome any feedback to further enhance your client experience.

Royal Canal FCS Team