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St. Patrick’s Week Payrolls – 2022

We appreciate your time in reading the following important notice as it will ensure you and your staff are paid in time.

Due to the public holidays Thursday & Friday (17th & 18th) these are non banking days and our office will also be closed.

Therefore we ask that payroll are received by us no later than 9am Monday 14th March to allow time to run the payrolls as we have to run all payrolls that are normally spread across the week in two days.

Bank uploads must be agreed by 1pm Tuesday 15th March and we will then run all uploads that afternoon on Tuesday to ensure on time payments.

If you pay your staff yourself by bank transfer please note the two non-banking days.

If you pay by cash your payments are not affected but will need to still get timesheets in by 9am Monday 14th March.

Payroll to be emailed either to the person you normally email or to to ensure it is processed or faxed in to 00353818411158 no later than 9am Monday 14th March.

Public holidays are on these dates and in retail they do not move;

1. St. Patricks day, Thursday, 17th March 2022
2. Extra Public Holiday, Friday, 18th March 2022
Note: Next year the new public holiday will be the first Monday in February, but this year it is the day after St. Patricks Day

These days attract the Public Holiday entitlement, a link for full details on the entitlements here

Thanks and any questions please contact our payroll team directly.