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Retail Regulatory Compliance Checklist

This page lists some of the main regulations which govern the operation of a retail grocery store. If you wish something to be added please do not hesitate to contact us. Click on title headings for more information.

1. Employment Law
Compliance with Employment Law monitored by the National Employment Rights Authority.

See our pay rates page for compliance with labour court employment regulation orders.

2. Sale of Alcohol
Compliance with the Voluntary Code monitored by Responsible Retailing of Alcohol in Ireland

See our excise duty renewals page in relation to holding a wine licence.

3. Sale of Tobacco Products
Compliance with regualtions monitored by the Office of Tobacco Control

4. Health & Safety
Compliance with legislation monitored by the Health & Safety Authority. They have developed the website to assist with carrying out a risk assessment and the development of a safety statement.