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PAYE Modernisation for Employees

From 1st January 2019 you will be able to view your weekly income and deductions through your online account at

While Revenue are not forcing employees to use the online service (except those that are First Time Registrations with Revenue which is currently Revenue’s Practice), it should be noted that there will be no P60s issued for the 2019 tax year end. You will be able to receive equivalent P60 details directly from Revenue, or if you are not registered for a Revenue account, you will have to wait until you receive your Revenue end-of-year statement in the post.

Please note: P60s will be issued as normal in January 2019 for the 2018 tax year end.


No Change For Employees Except for Technical Amendments:

 From your perspective as an employee, there will be no change at all to the normal payroll process, and you will receive your weekly payslip as you currently do.

There may be some technical amendments to our payroll processes which will become clearer when the new system is fully launched on 1st January 2019. We will update the below list as such situations arise:

  • We may be unable to make changes to a payslip where the pay details from that payslip has already been reported to Revenue
  • Your employer may need to submit the timesheet for processing earlier in the week to allow additional time for PAYE Modernisation
  • The payslip date will be the mechanism used to notify Revenue of the date of payment. Payment date is vitally important as employees cannot be paid until Revenue are notified. Therefore, we must ensure that timesheets being received are processed on a payslip date which has not yet occurred.
  • In relation to the above, where a company’s previous practice was to date the payslips the end of the work week, which was accepted practice up to now, this would result in an incorrect payment date being notified to Revenue. The payment date under PAYE Modernisation is simply the date the employee receives their payment. In order to rectify this we will follow the Revenue’s recommended procedure outlined on their website here. Afffected payrolls will not have a week 52 2018 payslip, but will have the benefit of the week 52 tax credits in the week 51 payslip. The payslips in 2019 will be dated the payment date. This re-alignment has no effect on the actual date the employment receives their weekly payment.

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