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Income Tax 2009


Now that the P35 deadline has passed, attention turns to return of income for the tax year 2009. The deadline for filing your return is 31 October 2010 (16 November for online pay-and-file), however if you believe that you will be in a refund position then you should submit your return at your earliest convenience.

Also, the college grant scheme requires that for the academic year 2010 – 2011, applications must be accompanied by notice of assessments for the tax year 2009 in support of the level of income of the applicant/their parents. In this case, the income tax return should be submitted well in advance of the college grant deadline, 31 August 2010.

As always, our income tax questionnaire will assist you in completing a full and accurate return and thereby ensuring you claim all the credits you are entitled to. Our current clients can download the questionnaire by clicking here.

If you are a new client, please call the office on 044 9374915 for a copy of the questionnaire.