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Government Reforms to JLC/REA Agreements

28th July 2011

Richard Bruton today announced plans to furnish to the Dail a bill as early as possible after the summer recess, to reform the JLC/REA Agreements.

The main provisions of the bill are (Source: Department Website):
• The number of JLCs will be reduced from 13 to 6
• JLCs will have the power to set only a basic adult rate and two higher increments to reflect longer periods of service. JLCs previously set over 300 different wage rates
• JLCs will no longer set Sunday premium rates or any other conditions of employment covered by universal standards provided for in existing legislation, but the special position of Sunday working will still be recognised
• Companies will be able to derogate from EROs in cases of financial difficulty
• In setting rates, JLCs will have to take into account factors such as unemployment rates, competitiveness and wage trends here and in our major trading partners
• Record-keeping requirements for employers in these sectors will be reduced
• The constitutionality of EROs will be restored through inclusion of robust principles and policies.

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