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Covid-19 Roadmap for Reopening

Last Modified: 03rd May 2020-17.45

On 1st May the government published its planned Roadmap for Reopening Society & Business.

In line with these guidelines we have prepared the following roadmap to keep staff informed. Each phase is expected to take three weeks, but can be delayed or sped up depending on the virus progression in our country.

This is a guidance document only, and is subject to change, however staff are asked to read and adhere to all guidlines given in the below.

Timelines are subject to change as we all work through this pandemic and we therefore ask you to keep this page handy as we will update as required.

No staff are permitted to attend the office without being notified by Joe Bingham only as there are important steps and plans to be implemented before you can return to the office along with work requirements and demands within the business.

Staff will be required to adhere to advices given at all times when returning to the office and that the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) supplied (if required) and procedures to be taken at each phase for as long as necessary.

Kind regards,
Joe Bingham
On behalf of Royal Canal FCS Directors & Management
#Stay Safe

Phase 0 – Commencing 5th May 2020
Office will remain closed till Monday 18th May.

Phase 1 – Commencing 18th May 2020
All staff continue to work remotely.

Installation & testing of additional wireless work stations within Eastwae Venue, in order to provide the extra office space to ensure social distancing takes place within the office environment.

Phase 2 – Commencing 8th June 2020
Planned date for return to work of staff currently on lay-off, that no interaction or requiring in person training in the office.

Constant social distancing of 2 metres must apply by those that do return at this phase.

Staff that are currently able to work from home, must continue to do so.

We will also have guidance on use of face masks or shields in the office as the government advises on-site working assessments and requirements.

Phase 3 – Commencing 29th June 2020
There are no specific changes to work practices envisaged within this phase, at this time.

Phase 4 – Commencing 20th July 2020
A limited number of additional staff may return to work. Staff where for technical/personal reasons they are unable to work from home to their full potential will be prioritised.

These staff will be notified by Joe Bingham and staff are not to self assess themselves at this phase.

Constant social distancing of 2 metres must apply.

Other staff to continue to work from home.

Phase 5 – Commencing 10th August 2020
Phased return to work for all staff by this date.

Constant social distancing of 2 metres must apply for as long required by government, which could be months and into 2021.

In some cases, staff may continue to work from home and visit the office to collect records and stationery, again staff are not to self assess.

Retail Collections & Client Meetings
After phase 5 we will not be collecting from stores or meeting face to face with clients for a long time yet given the risk of spreading from store to store and with the office.

When we get back to the office clients can post their records to the office address instead of the current temporary address given.

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