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Budget 2013

5 December 2012

Personal Taxation
• 4% USC cap for those aged > 70 years or medical card holders has been abolished where income is greater than €60,000.
• Employee PRSI: Removal of weekly PRSI allowance from full rate and modified rate PRSI contributors (€127).
• Self employed PRSI: Increase in minimum contribution from €253 to €500 annually.
• PRSI on Unearned Income: To apply to PAYE workers from 2014 onwards.

Business Taxation
• Committed to 12.5% corporation tax rate.
• 3 Year Relief for Start-Up Companies: Relief is extended to allow unused relief from 1st 3 years to be carried forward for use in subsequent years (subject to maximum relief in relation to employers’ PRSI).
• Close company surcharge de minus limit has been increased from €635 to €2,000.

Relevant Contracts Tax
• No changes to note

Indirect Taxes
• VAT cash receipts threshold increased from €1 million to €1.25 million from 1 May 2013.
• Motor tax increases – From 1 January 2013 higher rates apply for all categories with the exception of electric vehicles, and CO2 band A0.

Stamp duty
• No changes to note

Carbon Tax
• Extended to solid fuels – rate of €10 per tonne from 1 May 2013, and €20 per tonne from 1 May 2014.

Capital Taxes from 5 December 2012 (midnight)
• Rate increased from 30% to 33% from midnight.

(Local) Property Tax
• Collection will commence on 1 July 2013, with a half year charge in 2013.
• Rate of 0.18% of market value for properties up to €1 million, rate of 0.25% to any excess value over €1m. Charges calculated at the midpoint of property bands of €50,000 increments.
• Three year exemption for first time buyers, or those buying new or previously unoccupied houses.
• Non principal private residence charge will cease on 31 December 2013.
• Deferral of property tax in some cases subject to 4% interest charge.
• Non payment may result in deduction at source (PAYE workers) or refusal of a tax clearance certificate (self employed).

Miscellaneous Provisions & Announcements
• Maternity benefit will be taxable from 1 July 2013, but not liable to universal social charge
• BIK on preferential home loans decreased from 5% to 4%, other loans rate increased from 12.5% to 13.5%.
• Tobacco excise increased by 10c on pack of 20, 50c per 25kg pouch of roll-your-own from midnight 5 December 2012.
• Licenced road hauliers diesel excise rebate will apply from 1 July 2013.
• DIRT rate increased from 30% to 33% from payments received from 1 January 2013.
• Respite Care Grant decreased from €1,700 to €1,375 per annum.
• Dual car registration for 2013 – prefix 131 for 1st 6 months, and 132 for 2nd 6 months. The objective is to create a two period sales peak each year to help stabilise the industry.
• Medical cards will be replaced with GP Only cards for those aged > 70 and with income of €600 – €700 for a single person, or €1,200 – €1,400 for a married couple.
• Drugs Payment Scheme (DPS) increased from €132 to €144 per month, with the prescription charge for medical card holders increased to €1.50.
• Child benefit rate to be reduced by €10 per month.
• Duration of Jobseekers payment to be reduced by 3 months.
• Extension of the Credit Review Office to provide more assistance to the SME sector.
• Simplification of charitable donations so charity now gets tax relief on all donations at blended rate of 30%.

Summary Statistics

Budget 2013Budget 2012
Capital Gains Tax Rate33%30%
Capital Acquisitions Tax Rate33%30%
Income Tax Rates
33% (36% – where payments made less frequently than annually)30% (33% – where payments made less frequently than annually)
Tax Credits
Single Person€1,650€1,650
Married Couple€3,300€3,300
PAYE Credit€1,650€1,650
Rate Bands
Single/widowed with dependent children€36,800€36,800
Married -one income earner€41,800€41,800
Married – two income earners€65,600€65,600
Contribution CeilingNo limitNo limit
Universal Social Charge
< €10,036ExemptExempt
€ 0 – €10,0362%2%
€10,037 – €16,0164%4%

Whilst every care has been taken in the production of this budget summary, neither Royal Canal Financial Control Services nor Ronan Duffy and Co. can be held responsible for any action taken or deferred, resulting from any errors contained therein. For a more comprehensive summary please refer to the government press release.

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